Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Dynasty That Was Diana

On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death (has it really been that long?) - her photos are everywhere and it seems that every aspect of her short tragic life are being rehashed in the press again, as if there is something out there that we don't already know. I remember her death well, I know exactly where I was and what I had done that day when I heard the news.  But I also followed her ascent and remember vividly when she was "discovered" and how idolized she was by all of us way back when. 

For those of you old enough to remember the hysteria and hype - well, it's unlike anything I've ever seen. She was followed everywhere she went, her clothes and jewelry were analyzed constantly but she had such style and flair, she was truly an original in my mind.  Her influence on fashion and royalty in general will be felt for generations to come. I wonder what she'd be doing now if she were alive? Would she be in the UK?  Somewhere else?  Remarried?  We'll never know.

For those who adored her, you'll be interested in this Florida man's Diana Collection. We'll always remember Diana.....

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ariat Does Hunt Scene for Fall

Love these new fall staples from Ariat.  And you don't even have to hunt to want to own these.....

Monday, August 21, 2017

OOH LA LA to Talbots

Talbots has some great clothes this fall, reminiscent of the "old" Talbots which is a refreshing change.  I may even pay a visit to one of their stores.  They seem to be channeling Chanel or "Paris" at the very least.  Take a look.....

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Update

We're half-way through August already, so what's in store for one of the few lazy summer weekends left this year?

1) The Arrogate Show
If you are into horse racing, there is a good (G1) race on NBCSN on Saturday at 8 pm EDT (the race is in California). If you follow Arrogate, theworld's richest race horse, he's going to run again, after his dismal performance a few weeks ago.  This is an "in if you win" race, meaning, you get an automatic (and fully paid trip) to the Breeder's Cup in November if you happen to win. Will the Arrogate we all know and love show up this time?  Let's hope so.

And I am a big fan of his jockey, Mike Smith, one of the best in the world.  Read this great article about him here in the New York Times.

2) USHJA Hunter Derby Finals 
Today and Saturday, in Lexington, KY, the country's most talented huner derby horses will be competing for big money in the Hunter Derby Finals.  The rounds are being streamed online but you have to pay for access which is unfortunate.  But if you happen to live near Lexington, the KY Horse Park is the place to be.

3) New Fall Arrivals at J Crew
The fall clothes are starting to come in and I am loving puffer coat in Liberty print.  Like I need another coat but I'd pair this with a navy turtleneck. And it's reversible.

4)  The Glass Castle
I actually went to see this movie early in the week as I had read the book and loved it and the movie was receiving rave reviews.  If you are ready for a deep emotional dive type movie then go see this one.  The book is excellent and I'd recommend the book too.  There is certainly going to be some Oscar buzz here and Woody Harrelson who plays the main character's father is superb.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Style Influencers

I just read about Tory Burch's "influencers" in her life - mostly her parents, Buddy and Reva, who, by all accounts, had incredible style. What or who influenced the choices you have made, in your style?  I did not have a "Buddy" or a "Reva" in my world.  My parents did not have great style and my mother is far from a fashionista.  My father was preppy and sensible and I get that part of my style from him.   I am not one to take great chances, I love tradition and the "classics" for sure.

Growing up, my sisters and I waited for The Talbots catalog to arrive every season.  There were few catalogs back then, no Internet shopping and in my hometown, we did not have a ton of stores like we have today.  So that catalog influenced me for sure and it would be wonderful if Talbots could somehow rekindle the aura they once had. I remember the Herman Geist t-shirts.  They were solid colors with a small band around the neck and sleeves, with a white piping. I had a lime green one.

The clothing back then was vibrant, with lots of colors and patterns, many of the brands we cherished are long gone - J G Hook blouses, Geiger jackets (maybe still around but certainly not in style).

We wore Dean's sweaters, Malia sundresses, Vested Gentress dresses and carried Bermuda Bags. Pendleton wool was also big. Lilly was "in" too.

(Vested Gentress Dress)

I actually owned this exact sweater.  My father bought this for me in New York during a trip there with him one summer.

And the patchwork Dean's were all the rage.  Men wore these too. The horror, I know.

(Malia Sundress)

So how does all of this preppy style turn into real style as you get older? I am not sure it does.  It's almost comical to see the things that we adored way back when.  But your early choices and your early loves influence what you choose your style to be when you really "get it."  I never wear floral dresses now, ever except for Lilly.  And the patchwork sweater?  Not. On. Your. Life.  I won't even wear madras now that it has come back in a bit.  My almost minimalist style today is almost counterculture to what I loved in my youth.

Simple lines.....


A little of color here and there....

And a little bit of preppy every now and then just to remind me of my youth and my roots.....

My style icons?  Jackie.  Grace. Audrey.  And of course, Tory. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Claire Mawdsley Scholarship and Rider Recognition Program

The Horse Show World does take care of its own, and sometimes a tragedy can be turned around so that something good comes out of it.  That is certainly the case with the Claire Mawdsley Scholarship and Rider Recognition Program. Let's start with the background:

In September 2011, Claire was killed in an automobile accident.  She was only 21 years old, a Senior at Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia.  She was an Equine Studies major and she was returning to school after attending a horse show in Northern Virginia.  She worked for Winter Hill Farm that week at a horse show.  Her performance in the classroom was recognized by Virginia Intermont when Claire received the college’s first posthumous degree.  The Scholarship and Rider Recognition program is named after Claire because she would have been the perfect candidate for the program. She was a focused and talented young lady who did not have extensive opportunities to ride and show full time, but she had ambition. She was the embodiment of the values we hope to instill and promote through this program for junior exhibitors: you do not have to make a choice between being competitive and being well-rounded. You can have it both ways.

 (Claire is on the far left with her classmates)

Eligible riders for scholarship consideration will include the 3'3" Junior Hunter division as well as the regular four Junior Divisions – Small Younger, Small Older, Large Younger and Large Older.
The program rewards exhibitors in the Junior Hunter Divisions who attend a traditional "brick & mortar" high school on a full-time basis who meet certain criteria.

  You can learn more about this program here

Let me finish by saying that I did not know Claire, I never met her but from what I have read, she was a remarkable young woman who would have gone very far in this world. I love these passages, words from which she tried to live I am told......

“Talent is less important than perseverance.”
“Pursue excellence, not perfection.”
“Winners always have a plan; losers have excuses.”

Claire was, without doubt, a winner with a plan.
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